You name it, we got it! Raw on a half shell, baked, steamed – enjoy the best Neptune has to offer just the way you like it!


Glidden Point Oyster Company is a family owned sea farm located in mid-coast Maine. They grow oysters in a natural, pristine setting, using no machinery or processing equipment - everything is done meticulously by hand. Their culture techniques, handling methods, attention to detail, and HACCP certified facility combine to produce the finest cultured oysters available anywhere. Satisfaction guaranteed. Since 1987. Their cultured oysters are well known around the world for their uniform size and shape, deep shell cup, and superb freshness. The flavor is distinct and complex - briny yet sweet, and has come to be recognized as a favorite of oyster connoisseurs. The meat is plump and firm, a benefit of slow cold-water growth. Gourmet presentations using Glidden Points have been noted for their elegance and visual appeal as well as for their culinary excellence. For more information we invite you to their website: http://www.oysterfarm.com/


Our scallops are brought to us daily from New Bedford. Plump and succulent, they have both the sweetness and the firmness that comes only from growing in cold water.


We serve two types of clams: little necks and soft shell mud clams, both of which are the product of Barb Scully's Glidden Pont sea farm. Little neck clams are similar to cherry stones. They are hard-shell clams, served raw on half shell or steamed. Their small size and firm texture make them a perfect starter clam for those who are just starting to develop their shellfish indulgence. Soft shell mud clams, also known as pisser clams, also known as steamer clams, also known as Ipswich clams are indigenous to the area. As seen from their names, these brittle soft shell mollusks live in the mud all along the coast of Maine. They are the best steamed or fried. When steamed, they crack open, exposing a long "neck" dressed in a black "sock". When you eat these tasty morsels, remember to peel the sock off first and rinse the clam in the broth to wash away all possible mud and sand before dunking the clam into the clarified butter that always accompanies the dish. If eaten in a proper fashion, a steamer will become your favorite clam for many seafood feasts to come!

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